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Health-Tech Integration Services.




We have two decades of experience, working across all major health and care systems. As leading integration specialists, we are skilled at connecting a diverse range of data systems to ensure information flows between users, promoting efficiency, security and cohesion.

Our team of interoperability specialists are passionate about data and technology innovations. Our extensive experience of integration development and support, across all proprietary and Open Source health and care technologies such as IRIS, Qvera, Rhapsody or Mirth ensures we deliver successful integration services.

We are dedicated to meeting your specific integration goals, interoperability requirements and strategic objectives.



ReStart have 20 years experience, developing thousands of interfaces, between all major systems. We support all healthcare message formats, standards and protocols including FHIR, HL7, XML, API’s and many more.


We evaluate and plan the structural design of your integration environment, recommend a strategy to improve your existing systems efficiencies, and ensure it is futureproofed for all your interoperability plans.


We can help upgrade or migrate all major clinical platforms including PAS/EPR, LIMS, RIS and integration engines. Whether they have become unstable, unsupported or no longer fit for your clinicians’ needs, our experts will help you devise a plan to meet your objectives.


Whether you are migrating, upgrading or consolidating systems, we’ll carry out a thorough health check of your integration environment to highlight key performance indicators such as security risks, availability and performance issues. Documenting your integration landscape can help be better prepared for the future and avoid potential risks.


Our proactive Support Service is available 24/7 365 and can be customised to the Trust’s requirements. Designed to keep your live/production environment, as well as your test and development environments, secure and running efficiently. We proactively establish potential issues with your integration platform or an upstream/downstream system and we talk to third parties to resolve the issue before your clinicians notice any impact.


As strategic partners we have developed over 40 health-tech partner relationships. Our team are highly skilled in a vast array of vendor accreditations and have the experience to liaise with third parties to resolve issues before your clinicians notice any impact.

ReStart were selected due to Restart’s flexible approach to our integration platform requirements, their vast experience in successfully implementing and supporting integration solutions and ability to deliver real-time information via a single sign-on approach, quickly and cost-effectively.

Paul Foster, Head of IT Services and Systems Development, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

South West Yorkshire Partnership

Benefits of working with us



One size doesn’t fit all. We provide customisable interoperability solutions entirely configurable to your digital goals. And because we help you get the best from existing systems, you protect your previous investments.


Incremental Clinical Programmes

Break free from the burden of procuring large-scale digital projects – think big, start small, and scale fast. We help you prioritise data sharing requirements, and deploy them logically, to speed up access to benefits.


Open technology
Futureproof Your Interoperability

We curate the best open source technology options and make them available in IMX, so that your digital environment is interoperable with any other system in the health and care market, overcoming legacy, and future, vendor lock-in.


Developed With You

Clients trust us to provide expert and impartial advice to guide their interoperability. And as we develop new tools, we share them. That’s a true partnership; one that delivers real value, and benefits everyone.

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