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Nottinghamshire starts phase 1 of health & social care integration project

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Nottinghamshire Healthcare, one of the Country’s leading national integrated providers of mental health, intellectual disability and community health services, has selected Viper360, interoperable clinical record, to provide an integrated view of patients from a number of disparate clinical systems.

The Trust currently uses four separate versions of the RiO Community & Mental Health system, each requiring different levels of security access, and SystmOne for recording the physical wellbeing of patients. Many of the Trust’s patients and service users have both physical and mental health issues, and clinicians are concerned that, using two different systems is inefficient and clumsy. Viper360 will enable clinicians to see that further information for a patient exists on systems that they traditionally may not have had access to.  This will help to deliver a more accurate picture of the patient’s history.

In phase one, Viper360 will provide single sign-on and roles based access to the Trust’s four separate instances of RiO in a combined view, as well as read only access to the SystmOne Community System.

In addition, Viper360 will be providing the Trust’s users with access to their Clinical Document Management System, connectivity to the MIG for patients’ detailed GP records as well as the Summary Care Record and one or two other key clinical systems, for example the Trust’s Pharmacy Stock Control System, the IAPT Case Management System, the BOMIC Substance Misuse management system and Sunquest ICE for Trust laboratory results that currently are not routed back to GP practices via PMIP.

When asked about why the trust selected Viper360, Andrew Haw, Head of Health Informatics for the trust commented: “Systems should enhance the way clinicians work, not make things more difficult for them. This development will allow real integration between our systems, the information stored there and ultimately will improve patient care.”

Mike Symers, Managing Director for Viper360, added: “We have been very impressed with the clarity of the requirements supplied by Andrew and his team. Their desire to bring information from key systems together in one place will be enabled by the use of Viper360 and will improve both access to patient information and decision making.  Working in partnership with the Trust, there is a firm plan and commitment from our company to deliver the benefits of Viper360 to a short timescale.  This will be ground breaking in comparison with the 12-18 month delivery of most ‘first generation’ portal solutions and is now what the industry expects from the latest, lower cost technology.”     

There is a wider initiative throughout Nottingham for a county-wide solution to share data between health and social care organisations. Viper360 will be well positioned as an option to fulfill this requirement when that procurement is established.

About Nottinghamshire Healthcare

The Trust employs over 8,800 staff and is continually aiming to improve the services provided in a variety of settings, ranging from the community through to acute as well as secure settings.  It is also working hard to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and intellectual disability as well as developing the patient, service user and carer experience for people across Nottinghamshire.   

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